Web Chat Training in the Contact Centre

Web Chat Training Workshop Objective:

The intent of this workshop is to assist customer service operators increase their understanding and appreciation of the live chat medium and its role in creating a great customer experience.

It is also intended to involve the participants in the establishment of the rules of engagement for the web chat environment.

These “rules” will form the basic template for web chat interaction so that the organisation can be assured of consistency in the quality of operator interaction with customers. The overall objective is about ensuring your organisation’s live chat representatives are aligned with the values and culture of their organisation in their written communication.

Remote or on site training or coaching: we deliver services both via video conference call or on site

No. of Sessions:

2 x ½ day sessions

Who should attend:

Live chat operators. Team Leaders

Maximum number of participants:

12- 14

Live Chat Process Design


The objective of this program is to design a web chat process that is comprehensive but easy to follow and implement. The designed process will serve as the operating manual for the web chat channel and will act as the reference guide for current and future operators, supervisors and internal trainers. The manual will also have a trainer component with detailed notes and directions for inducting new recruits into web chat and for coaching performance.


The process will include but is not limited to the following elements:

  • Introduction to web chat Software (formal technical training usually conducted by the software provider – BlueFox incorporates training manual and instructions into the operating manual)Web chat glossary of terms
  • Policies and Guidelines
  • Expectations of a live chat operator
  • Response times
  • Handling multiple chats
  • Language
  • Developing rapport
  • Handling difficult customers on live chat
  • Responses template
  • Soft skills training manual for live chat operators