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Safeguard your employees’ well-being in the new world of hybrid working environments.

Be Well Workshops

Be Well Connect – About the workshop

In this workshop we provide guidance and support to leaders as they navigate the disruptions occurring in the workplace and embrace the uncertainty of changing work environments. This includes how to help leaders manage and support their teams that include employees who service customers from remote working environments, onsite servicing teams and blended teams.

Drive the change they want to see in a hybrid team working environment
Embed culture of change tools into daily call centre practices. Get the most out of team members by having them work more collaboratively and performing at their best whether they are working remotely or at the centre’s site


Our tailored workshop will address:

Creating and implementing a culture of Trust, Engagement and Accountability within the hybrid contact centre team
Connecting the team culture and vision to the centre’s daily practices while working remotely
Working together for change
Making agents and other staff members feel safe and stable during change and volatility by exercising inclusive leadership that focuses on the empowerment and the development of team members.


Who should attend

Contact centre leaders, team leaders, supervisors of hybrid teams of remote and onsite workers

Be Well Engage – About the workshop

This workshop explores ideas on how to make employees feel fulfilled in their role, supported by their leaders and connected to the team’s vision and culture especially in a remote working environment.

The overall focus is on re-thinking the employee experience and looking at ways for leaders to pivot employee
engagement strategies to meet the needs of team members and maintain a healthy business by:

  • Building a resilient workforce
  • Passionately engaging employees
  • Placing employee in the driver seat of their own development


Our tailored workshop will address:

  • Re-imagining the employee experience with consideration for remote workers
  • Employee support approaches in a remote working environment
  • Getting hybrid teams working well together


Who should attend

Contact centre leaders, team leaders, supervisors of hybrid teams of remote and onsite workers.

Be Well Support – About the workshop

A wellness workshop for contact centre leaders who are supporting hybrid teams of agents – agents working remotely, working onsite or in a blended model (remote and onsite).

Using an approach that focuses on supporting change at a personalised level in order to achieve both individual and team outcomes, we establish a coaching framework that helps guide and support all members of the contact centre team towards sustainable wellness and productivity.

Our tailored workshop will address

  • How to support agents adapt to the changing workplace including new internal processes and procedures, different accountabilities and responsibilities
  • How to provide a personalised model that allows agents to configure their own journey, create their own wellbeing plan and stick to it.
  • How to assist agents get back on track when their resilience is challenged and motivation is low


Who should attend

Team Leaders of hybrid teams

Be Well Plus – About the workshop

A wellness workshop for contact centre employees who would benefit from further support on how to maintain their journey to better mental health and wellbeing.BeWell Coaching and Training

The focus is on building and developing skills to self-manage.

Our tailored workshop will address

  • Fixed and growth mindsets
  • How adopting a growth mindset can contribute to our motivation, build our
  • wellbeing and help us achieve success during times of uncertainty and change
  • Using Deliberate Practice methods to manage stressful and challenging situations and personal experiences


Who should attend