Call Centre Customer Service Training

Create uniformity and agreement for your customer service officers and frontline staff on what a successful customer interaction looks like.

The intent of these workshops is to gain understanding and agreement on the importance of delivering exceptional service at all times customers.

Call Centre Customer Service Training Outcomes:

At the completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between exceptional and unsatisfactory customer service
  • Articulate with pride and commitment their newly developed service goals
  • Demonstrate the desired customer service behaviours in both their actions and words

No. of Sessions:

1 x ½ day session

Who should attend:

Customer Service Officers; Frontline staff;

Maximum number of participants:


Call Centre Telesales Training:

If required, we can offer you Call Centre Training for sales agents.

Over 2 half-day sessions, we will explore techniques and models to engage effectively:

  • Be clear about the necessary skills and desired behaviours of a customer service officer
  • Have an agreed set of phone and face to face behaviours when dealing with customers
  • Have uniformity in their understanding of what constitutes a successful interaction with a customer
  • Confidently and successfully manage calls to a successful conclusion