Conflict Resolution Training in the Call Centre

Help your teams problem solve, overcome objections and handle difficult or demanding customers and stakeholders.

The Conflict Resolution workshop focuses on the essential skills needed to excel in customer service in the call centre and to engage effectively with customers in challenging situations on the telephone.

The initial focus of the workshop is on the importance of best practice relationship building skills and in particular listening techniques. We emphasise the importance of identifying triggers and signals of the customer in various experiences so that the participants can more easily respond and react. We focus on the importance of seeing the world from the customer’s perspective and how to demonstrate empathy and understanding appropriate to the customer’s situation.

We explore the six principles for dealing with customer complaints and how they can ensure  customers feel heard and well treated by your organisation. We introduce our model for delivering bad news to customers and assist participants which can be applied to a range of situations where the answer they give is not what the customer wants to hear. Its intent is to help them work towards compromise or understanding with the customer and to avoid the negative impact of conflict.

The workshop concludes with a segment on mastering personal emotions in a conflict situation.

Conflict Resolution in the Call Centre Course Content:

The conflict resolution workshop content is finalised once we have spent some time in further discussion and observation with your organisation.

Main topics covered include:

  • Best practice customer service for client centric organisations
  • Getting to the core of the customer’s issue and coming up with the appropriate solutions
  • The fundamental principles behind dealing with difficult customers and turning a heated situation into one where the customer collaborates in the problem-solving process.
  • Staying calm and stress-free in the most challenging of circumstances.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in handling difficult situations and people
  • Ways to define boundaries and deal with call centre customers tactfully when they go too far.
  • How to say ‘no’ yet still leave your customer feeling listened to, respected and treated fairly.
  • Application of models to customer specific situations


We support Active Learning principles. All Programs are interactive and contain case studies and scenario simulations.


Learning Outcomes in conflict resolution training program:

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Listen with greater intent when resolving customer issues
  • Understand what makes customers upset and see the problem from their perspective
  • Remain positive and calm when dealing with a difficult customer situation
  • Not take things personally
  • Manage the situation with ease and professionalism
  • Achieve an outcome that makes the customer happy and is within the organisation’s capability
  • Deliver “bad news” when necessary to customers

Remote training or coaching: we deliver services both via video conference call or on site

Pre-requisite if applicable: n/a

Duration: 7 hours (includes 2 x 15 breaks); can be delivered over 2 half days or 1 full day.

Number of participants: max 14

Possibility to be tailored:   YES