Dr. Yulia Richards – Founder

One of the greatest assets of any company are its people. Finding, nurturing and retaining talent is a focus of business leaders who invest in their team members and recognise their true value.

The last couple of years have been difficult for many people. Demands on staff to perform are ever-present, however during “COVID-times,” a person may not be able to engage their usual coping strategies or positive self-care routines. People cannot take weekends away to unwind, regularly going to gym, or even having 1 hour a day to themselves feels like unattainable luxury.

We are familiar with the statistics that suggest that we are more likely to overindulge with alcohol, or struggle to control our anger outbursts which often leads to rupturing of relationships in our personal and professional lives. It is harder to motivate ourselves to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and other healthy habits, and we start developing maladaptive ways of coping with stress.

If you have noticed that your staff might be struggling, and their personal struggles might be impacting their mental and physical health, you can refer them to these online courses created by Sydney-based Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Yuliya Richard. These courses will help your team understand and overcome their struggles with practical and easy to implement strategies to address issues like anger management, binge drinking and relationship struggles. also offer corporate programs, which allows organisations to invest in the wellbeing of their employees by purchasing a number of course vouchers which can be redeemed by their team members securely and confidentially. This means you can support your team’s health and wellbeing by providing the courses to them, while maintaining their privacy by allowing the team member to select which course will most help them. Please visit Impulsivity’s Corporate Program Page to learn more about how can you nurture happy and productive team members.  

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