Workshop Objective:

The intent of this workshop is to provide participants with the skill sets to problem solve, overcome objections and handle difficult situations when dealing with customers. If you have ever had an issue with “Dealing with difficult customers in the call centre” this training will help.

Conflict Resolution Training Outcomes:

At the completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Remain positive and calm when dealing with a difficult customer situation
  • Understand what makes customers upset and see the problem from their perspective
  • Not take things personally
  • Manage the situation with ease and professionalism
  • Achieve an outcome that makes the member happy and is within the organisation’s capability
  • Deliver “bad news” when necessary to customers

No. of Sessions:

2 x ½ day sessions

Who should attend:

Customer service officers; Frontline staff

Maximum number of participants:

12- 14