Customer centricity is crucial to the success of every organisation. A call or contact centre is most likely their first engagement with a company.

A successful call centre or helpdesk is a key touchpoint in your customers’ journey, and an essential component of your organisation’s success.


  • How can you better understand and respond to your customer needs?
  • How can you help your team become proficient at conflict resolution?
  • How can you improve internal processes and procedures?
  • What do good management, telephone etiquette, training and scripting look like?


Call Centre Training Consultant

BlueFox Training Solutions supports your inbound and outbound Call Centres and Contact Centres to deliver high-quality customer service:

  • Consulting Services
  • Management Training – Train the Trainer
  • Skills Coaching
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Retention
  • Web chat conversation

Remote training or coaching: we deliver services both via video conference call or on site

Call Centre Telephone Skills Training

The intent of this workshop is to create uniformity and agreement on what constitutes a successful customer interaction. Participants explore techniques and models to use in order to engage effectively with members
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Call Centre Customer Service Training

The intent of this workshop is to gain understanding and agreement on the importance of delivering exceptional service at all times customers.
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Call Centre Telesales Training

The intent of this workshop is to develop the skills of participants to manage all aspects of initiating telephone contact with leads. This predominantly includes setting the appropriate strategies for contact, engaging effectively on the phone, and establishing a way forward with the lead prior to closing the call.
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Customer Retention Skills Training

The intent of this workshop is to assist Retention Officers understand the key priorities and essential skill sets for retaining customers.
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Conflict Resolution Training

The intent of this workshop is to provide participants with the skill sets to problem solve, overcome objections and handle difficult situations when dealing with customers
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Web Chat Training in the Contact Centre

The intent of this workshop is to assist customer service operators increase their understanding and appreciation of the live chat medium and its role in creating a great customer experience. It is also intended to involve the participants in the establishment of the rules of engagement for the web chat environment.
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